The temperatures are inching upward, the days are getting longer and the first buds are starting to appear on the trees. Spring is on its way, and  soon it’s going to be time to do a little preventive maintenance on your ride. No need to dread it -- it’s all pretty routine stuff! The best part? Bedford Tire & Service has you covered! Our timely & cost-effective auto services can ensure you are ready for that Spring Break roadtrip!

  1. Air filter - If you haven’t changed your air filter since last year (or can’t remember when you changed it), it might be time. It pays off in your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.
  2. Cabin filter - Older vehicles often don’t have a cabin filter, but it can make a lot of difference in how pleasant your vehicle is to drive. Stale, smelly air? Change it!
  3. Wipers -- Take a good look at them. Are they showing signs of age like cracks, dry rot or chips & gouges? Are they doing an effective job of clearing water from your windshield? No? Then go ahead and have them changed!
  4. Ignition - If you have a car built with a distributor and spark plug wires, have the plug wires checked for cracks & damage. If not, have each coil pack checked for a snug, positive fit on the spark plug itself.
  5. Hoses - We’re not just talking about the main hoses for the radiator and transmission coolant lines here, although those are very important. Your vehicle relies on dozens of vacuum lines to control and regulate certain functions, some no bigger than a piece of spaghetti. A dry-rotted, disconnected, leaky or degraded vacuum line can cause problems in performance. When having your radiator/transmission hoses and belts checked for condition, snug connections and tension, have a technician give the vacuum lines a once-over as well.
  6. Tires - This one, of course, is a biggie. Get a good look at your tires for irregularities in the tread. Look for age/weather cracks, bulges or other flaws in the sidewall that could mean imminent tire failure. Check the treads for uneven wear at the inside or outside edges, have your tires rotated, and check tread depth. Our easy to use tire finder allows you to scope out the wide variety of tires we offer. You can shop tires by vehicle, size, or brand!
  7. Battery - Have our tech test your battery and charging system, and have him also get a good look at the terminals, cables and clamps for signs of corrosion (fluffy greenish-white deposits) which can affect charging and starting performance.
  8. Radiator flush - It’s easy to forget about your cooling system, but it should have a pressure test, flush and refill with fresh coolant yearly. Even in the cleanest radiator and cooling systems, coolant can pick up rust and corrosion which can cause it to break down and lose its effectiveness.
  9. Headlights - Are they all working? What kind of shape are the clear headlight covers in? If they’re cloudy, a light buffing can help the effectiveness of your headlights tremendously.

These nine tips can make your spring and summer driving a lot more pleasant. Let Bedford Tire & Service in Bedford, TX give your vehicle a once over and a thumbs up that leaves you feeling confident when you hit the road this spring!